I’ve already begun to see positive changes

LivAgeWell truly cares about individual clients! Mani has created a plan based on my individual needs. She checks in and makes sure that the choices we make during our meetings are having positive impacts. Not only are the diet plans efficient they are also sustainable. While working with LivAgeWell I’ve seen my energy levels increase as well as my productivity through out the day! I have become more health conscious. Mani not only creates plans for you, but she also keeps you motivated. She also makes sure each individual understand the nutrition behind each change.
I’ve already begun to see positive changes and I can not wait to see more changes!

– Jasleen Judge

I have taken back control of my body

With Mani’s help, support and guidance I have taken back control of my body. I am more concerned about the quality of the food that I eat and how it’s prepared. I spend less on junk and more on the things that I really enjoy,and more importantly, I feel good! I have more energy and have lowered my cholesterol. These results keep me motivated to continue my lifestyle of staying positive and eating healthy!

– Jyoti Thakral

I love being a client of LivAgeWell….

I love being a client of LivAgeWell because it covers such a broad spectrum for overall health and wellness. It is also led by an experienced and trained expect, Manisha Kukreja, that is passionate about finding the best plan for each individual and their health goals. I am confident in the wellness plan that she specifically designed for me and have already seen positive healthy changes and results. I am excited to have such an informative resource that can guide me in positively implementing healthy options as I choose to LivAgeWell!

– Sara Lemak

I was able to unlock my full potential….

Through embracing the ideals promoted by LivAgewell, I was able to unlock my full potential as an individual. Mani connected with me on a personal level and inspired me to engage in a healthier lifestyle. I now have a clear vision of my goals and aspirations with a refined outlook on life. Her customized plan targeted the specific areas I needed work in and I was provided with her support along each step of the way. I am very grateful to have gained a friend and coach such as Mani and am excited for what my future holds for me!

– Patricia K.

I had a great experience being part of LivAgeWell….

I had a great experience being part of LivAgeWell customized program. I highly recommend working with Mani. She is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful. She is a great listener and honest with setting up personalized goals and expectations. I learned that even simple things or changes in lifestyle and diet can make a HUGE impact on one’s life and happiness. I am very thankful to Mani for providing me realistic strategies for self-care, health, and nutrition goals. I feel empowered and positive. I am excited to continue implementing these valuable strategies and working with LivAgeWell.

– Emily P.