Calling all my ladies in late 30’s and over, when you start to feel the need for kicking shot of energy , when you feel your skin needs some boosting collagen for your skin suppleness, nails, joints and cartilage , when u feel the need to detoxify more often heavy metals, day to day toxins and aggressor out of your body and clear you skin:

I totally get it and that is why I am sharing some of MY FAVORITE BEAUTY FOODS:

Matcha is one of them. The powder form of green tea gives me sustained energy levels without any crashing, and it’s full of antioxidants and vitamin A, so it’s very clarifying.

Collagen: I also put two tablespoons daily collagen in my hot water or cold smoothies. The elasticity in my skin has definitely changed over time just by ingesting collagen.

Chlorophyll: You can get chlorophyll in liquid form or liquid gel capsule form—I like the liquid form. I put two droppers in a liter of water and drink it. It’s really good for your blood, for your skin, for your digestive system.

Water: When I consume three liters of water a day, I completely notice that my undereyes don’t look as tired, even if I haven’t had enough sleep.

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What are your favorite brands for beauty foods? Share below