MY SKINCARE ARSENAL AT AGE 47: been religiously following this regime since turned forty.

What’s most beautiful to me is healthy skin. Glowing skin comes from the combination of good genes and a healthy lifestyle, and taking good care of your changing skin.

MY SKINCARE ARSENAL AT AGE 47: Here is a simple breakdown of my essential:


Start with a cleanser that cleans your skin without stripping it. Even if you are oily, your skin should not feel tight after washing ( a sign that your cleanser is too harsh). At night, I use cleanser to get rid of dirt, and makeup. Never skip this step.


To soothe, hydrate, or reduce oil buildup on skin, toners(sometimes called tonics) are the second step after cleansing.Avoid alcohol-based toners, which can strip and irritate the skin, Look for water-based formulas with calming ingredients such as aloe, lavender, and cucumber.


Packed full of skin-transforming active ingredients, serums are potent weapons in your skincare routine. More potent than your average moisturizer. serums should be targeted to your skincare needs. You’ll find versions for correcting acne, lifting skin, reducing fine lines, or simply creating an overall glow.

Layer these on immediately after cleansing and toning and before applying any other products, to make sure the active ingredients are fully absorbed into your skin.


Layer with moisturizer or hydrating products depending on your skin type, taking a minute to let each one to sink in. These moisturizing products can be plumping with a hydrating cream, smoothing with a lotion, calming with a cream, depending on your skin type.

In the morning, start with your sunscreen (look for SPF 15 or above).


No Matters what type of skin you have, you need to exfoliate twice a week, to reveal fresher, smoother skin. It also allows moisturizers to penetrate more effectively so your skin is soft and healthy.