1. Pickling, fermenting, and preserving helps keep the foods vibrant, and naturally accents their flavors in exciting ways.

    The delightful sights and smells of the seasonal farmers market fruits and vegetables brings a feeling of romance and whimsy to your life and can add beautiful bites on the board, and heck ya, so so healthy, full of digestive enzymes, and adds natural microbiome to the gut. RECIPE: Sour Pickles Pack the cucumbers tightly into Sterilize a Mason jar. In a saucepan, warm the rest of the ingredients t…Read More

  2. My Skincare Arsenal At Age 47

    MY SKINCARE ARSENAL AT AGE 47: been religiously following this regime since turned forty. What’s most beautiful to me is healthy skin. Glowing skin comes from the combination of good genes and a healthy lifestyle, and taking good care of your changing skin. MY SKINCARE ARSENAL AT AGE 47: Here is a simple breakdown of my essential: CLEANSERS Start with a cleanser that cleans your skin without str…Read More

  3. Let’s talk collagen and probiotics

    Let’s Talk Collagen and Probiotics

    The human skin is the largest organ, and possibly the most versatile. It keeps our insides in and bad things out. It gives us our sense of touch, warmth, and pain, and nearly everything else that makes us vital. It produces melanin to shield us from the sun's rays. It accounts for as much beauty as we can muster. It looks after us. So it is very important for us use clean beauty and skincare to no…Read More

  4. A good Laughter Dive in so many benefits

    How it stimulates so many vital organs: just like moderate exercise, It causes you to breathe in more air, invigorating your heart, lungs, and circulatory system while relaxing muscles and increasing the brain's feel good endorphins and dopamine. Soothes tension, anxiety, and stress:  Good laugh calms your stress response, lowering levels of the stress hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, a…Read More

  5. Tips to Boost your Immunity during the Pandemic

    There is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus. Although researchers are studying several pharmaceuticals that may have positive effects on the virus, we still don’t have a definitive antidote. This is why it is important to do what we can to flatten the curve, and social distancing is one of the most effective remedies. This limits the spread of germs between people so tha…Read More

  6. Bowl of Beans and Grains

    Ghrelin and Leptin: Your Hunger Hormones

    It’s 2 AM, and for some reason, you’re wide awake and hungry. Or perhaps, you find yourself aching to feast, even though you’ve just had a snack. What triggers these feelings of hunger? And how can we control or overcome these triggers to obtain and maintain a healthy weight? Well, the answer lies in our hormones. Our bodies naturally secrete two hormones which tell the brain: I’m hungry! …Read More

  7. Spices and Health Foods in Bowls and Wooden Spoons

    12 Delicious Spices That Help You Thrive

    When I look at my spice cabinet, it’s full of flavorful ingredients that promise to make the most of my meal. That said, there are secret powerhouses behind these doors: a selection of these spices and ingredients have been shown to improve your health, as well as the taste of the meal being prepared. I thought I’d share a few favorites that you can count on to spice up your food while improvi…Read More

  8. A Very Common Question About Plant-Based Diets And Protein

    Will having a plant-based diet make me protein deficient?  That is a common myth, but the answer is a resounding no. If you consume whole foods of plant origin, like vegetables, legumes, 100-percent whole grains, and fruits, your diet is likely to have plenty of protein to support your health. The daily requirement for protein is about 42 grams, and, in fact, by eating a whole-food plant-based di…Read More

  9. Welcome to LivAgeWell – Meet Mani!

    Welcome to LivAgeWell! I’m Mani Kukreja, and integrative nutrition, wellness, and anti-aging expert, providing women with nutritional counseling and health coach services. In my practice, I strive to help women transform their health, lose weight, regain energy, and delay aging by implementing lifestyle and dietary choices. Watch my video below, and continue reading to learn more about my backgr…Read More