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Mani Is an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Expert

Mani is an integrative nutrition, health, and wellness expert. She earned her graduate degree in medicine, followed by Master’s degree in public health (MPH) with a major in women’s health from Tulane University. Mani has extensive experience in clinical research in the fields of cancer, heart disease, and chronic diseases with nutrition interventions. She has worked at three major academic institutes over the last 13 years. To further enhance her education and understanding of overall wellness, Mani earned her certifications in nutrition and healthy living from Cornell University, advanced functional nutrition from Mind Body Green, and holistic nutrition and health coaching through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Mani also pride herself being registered YTT trained Yoga Expert as this component of her training helps her with exercise and mindfulness awareness, which is a critical aspect of holistic wellness.

MBBS Graduate Badge
Integrative Nutrition Certification Badge

Her Career in Medical Research

Before pursuing health consulting, Mani was involved with clinical trials for cancer and diabetes patients. She noticed rapid deterioration of these patients due to the aggressive nature of different disease processes. As a long-time believer in functional intervention with focus on balanced nutrition as an effective alternative to treating chronic disease and controlling progression, Mani aspires to help busy professionals, hustling moms, and women over 40, to take control of their health, improve their metabolism, lose weight, conquer their cravings, increase their energy, and overall, transform their lives to achieve their best selves.