Before pursuing health coach consulting, Mani was involved with clinical trials for cancer and diabetes patients. She noticed rapid deterioration of these patients due to an aggressive nature of different disease processes. As a long-time believer in functional intervention with focus on balanced nutrition as an effective alternative to treating chronic disease and controlling progression, she aspires to blend her passion for clinical research with holistic wellness. Mani’s quest for knowledge keeps her up to date of new clinical research findings and the latest intervention options.

What brought me into wellness ?

I’ve always had a passion for health, and for feeling as good as possible through nutrition and lifestyle. In my years of training, I’ve seen that treating the root cause of a disease can be truly transformative and that often times we can make tweaks to our daily habits to tap into overall wellness.

Food is so powerful, and the body is intuitive enough to know how to use food to heal and grow. For years, I personally suffered with autoimmune-inflammation (thyroiditis), and it wasn’t until I adjusted my lifestyle by implementing a low-inflammation diet that I realized how nutrition is the key to improving the entire self.

After experiencing this amazing transformation firsthand, I could not help but share what I knew with the ones closest to me, following along in their health journey through improving dietary choices and overall wellness. I realized that this knowledge was powerful, and that it helps others.